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New Look BUST-UP-DUO Orginal*60TAB

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New Look Bust-Up-Duo Original

New Look Bust-Up-Duo Original is a natural vegetable plant,
especially worked out to enlarge and tone up woman’s bust.
Breasts are very special part of woman’s body. We all like to take good care of them. What  all of women have in common is want them to look nice and attractive. Having attractive and firm breasts is every woman’s dream. Almost all the women on this earth crave for bigger, fuller and beautiful breasts. Women with smaller breasts often lose their confidence. It is true that breast is a part of the nature’s gift so if you have smaller breasts you should not indulge in self-pity.
The treatment is an alternative for women who want to avoid the surgical interference and improve the appearance of their own body. Thanks to specially selected components the treatment not only enlarges and firms our breasts but it also brings many other benefits such as smoother skin, improved intestine peristalsis, reduced PMS symptoms and relief from the discomfort of menopause. Women who lost breast firmness after breast-feeding can also obtain excellent results. Faster growth of hair and nails were also noticed.
The success of the treatment depends on systematic use and expected results. Results are individual for each person that undergoes the treatment. After obtaining expected results - finishing the treatment, it is advised to continue an enhancement treatment with one pill daily.

Body weight is vital while choosing the right treatment. According to the opinion of women using the treatment with success, the basic treatment is very effective for persons of low body weight, whereas the very intensive treatment is effective for overweight ones. No gain in overall body weight was observed.

The results of taking
New Look Bust-Up-Duo Original pills are individual for each woman. In general, first results are noticeable after 2-8 weeks. There are many questions about first results, but please remember that they vary, because each human body responds to the treatment components at different rate, yet both numerous studies carried out and current statistics reveal that in the vast majority of cases the first results were perceived after 2 weeks, then after 4 and 6 weeks of applying. A small percentage of people examined during the 8th week of taking the product perceived the first improvements. Therefore we find discrepancy between the 2nd and 8th weeks of the treatment. There are also cases unresponsive to the treatment, but these are scarce. The recommended daily dose varies between 2-4 pills (best washed down with a glass of water after a meal). 3 - 6 months of taking results in firmness and fullness of the breasts. The treatment can be continued so as to gain the effect of a noticeable breast enlargement after 8 months. The progress of the treatment is dependent on the effects expected. If a result obtained is satisfying, it is advised to continue an enhancement treatment with one pill daily.

Ingredients and characteristics
The ingredients of the supplement are obtained from natural grown vegetation, carefully selected and harvested. There are no animal origin ingredients in the product. The farming condition of these plants are according to official European Union standards. The production process is strictly controlled on every level, thanks to which we can guarantee purity and quality of the ingredients of the highest caliber. The supplement does not contain colouring or preservatives.

hops (Humulus lupulus), red clover, Dietary fibre, Buckweat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Rye (Secale cereale), Barley (Hordeum vulgare), Wheat (Triticum aestivum), Maize (Zea mays), Soya Extract, Malt, PVP, Silica colloidal, Magnesium stearate, Filling material.

A recommended dose a day accounts for 2 to 4 tablets, do not exceed 4 tablets a day. It should be consumed after meals with enough water so that the substance can be well absorbed during the whole day. Bust Up Duo is not recommended for use during the periods of pregnancy and breast feeding. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet! Don't use in case of allergy on any components.

Store in a dry and shady place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.
This nutritive supplement should not be treatedas a substitute of a varied diet!

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