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Have you given birth to a child? Are you after a slenderizing diet and want to recover lost firmness with full form of your breasts and detain process of breast aging or intensify the potential of your body? Use the specially processed formula - Busti 35 +! Busti 35+ as a means back to beauty of your bust and vitality of your body! Loss of firmness and volume of the breast is often associated with the continual fluctuation in weight after pregnancy and lactation or hormonal changes. Due to the fact that the firmness of breast tissue depends on the binding, a very important issue is the internal and external care through the use of products with specific capacity to stimulate activities that increase tension and volume.

Busti 35 + is recommended especially for women after breasts feeding because they
provide the best results. This innovative recipe will bring back the beautiful shapely appearance of the breasts as they were before. The natural components included in Busti 35 + act inside of your body. They feed it and they detain the process of breast aging. Also noted are significant improvements in the quality of the hair and nails. Apart of red clover and fennel extract , formula Busti 35+  contains black oat and spirulina. These components activate phytoestrogens, responsible for natural fulfillment of woman’s breasts. Black out will cause that breasts skin will become more moisturised skin and recovery of former youthful firmness. At same time, spirulina will slow down the process of breasts aging and will intensify physical capacity of your body. All components included in Busti 35 + are from natural origins and derived from grains and other plants, carefully selected and obtained.

Busti 35 + package contains 40 tablets

Ingredients: hop, red clover, fennel, excipients , black oat, spirulina, sorbitol, colloidal silica, magnesium stearate.

Storage: Store in a dry and shady place at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

Application: A recommended dose a day accounts for 2 to 4 tablets, do not exceed 4 tablets a day. It should be consumed after meals with enough water so that the substance can be well absorbed during the whole day. Busti 35+ is not recommended for use during the periods of pregnency and breast feeding. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet! Don’t use in case of allergy on any components.

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